Gifts to last

All our ‘off the shelf’ range can have dates, letters, numbers added, which makes the item both unique and personalised; literally ‘setting in stone’ the memory of an event.

However we also like to offer a bespoke service whereby your ideas, thoughts for home or garden can be made in stone. From statement monoliths for garden through to sculptures, stone garden furniture or bowls for tableware or house signs we are happy to develop these ideas with you and make them a reality.

Whether naturally finished or carefully sculpted, we are confident that we and the talented stonemasons we work with can tailor-make a unique piece of stone art for you.

The process can start with a conversation, a drawing or a visit to the quarry to select your stone and will only finish when your piece is delivered and you are delighted.



These are single large pieces of unhewn, or ‘as quarried’ stone, which add a dramatic presence to a garden. Wholly natural in their profiles, their shapes and sizes vary greatly and so a visit to select your monolith is essential.

monolith-with-lettering-2 monoliths-with-lettering-4 Monoliths1 set-of-needles



Great for home or garden, these dice can be made up to 600mm cubed, so can be a paperweight or a garden seat! Let your imagination run wild! Perhaps a wedding present and have letters rather than numbers engraved? Go on take a chance and roll the dice…. Price on application, starting from 100mm dice £60.

Dice1 Dice2


Clipsham Castles

These contemporary pieces can be used indoors or out; a door stop, an objet d’art and can be made in a variety of sizes. The smallest Castle is 100mm cubed and is priced at £90. Perhaps you fancy a stone chess set…?

Castle 6e


Stone furniture

We have a selection of quarried and cut stone available for stone furniture. Stools, benches and even tables can be created in either a contemporary, natural or sculpted design.



We work with a number of local, highly talented stonemasons, who each offer a variety of styles and techniques. With skills in lettering, carving to images, creating contemporay pieces or simple practical stonework. All are a pleasure to work with and love our stone.
To commission a new piece, please call 079217205791 or email us to discuss your requirements.

Please note that due to the individual nature of our bespoke pieces and thus weight, we can not publish a delivery price. We will ensure that you know all costs before placing your order, providing the delivery options when you call.